the boy with the most cake
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Guy Scott

i've always wanted to prove to myself that guy sebastian (Aussie Idol) is Jill Scott's (r&b singer/producer) twin sister. i each image-googled their names individually and never thought it would be so easy to prove my claim with pictures i came up with. it just cracks me up, these two

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The Devil Wears Bossinni

now that yours truly (who is currently having stomach problems, and is beer-thirsty as of this writing) is just recently jobless, it has come

to my attention at a staggering surprise that i have very little options to choose from. still, i am hopeful that anytime before the dreaded

holidays, i had already chosen a job to support my evil vices and the upcoming gift giving binges. here are dream jobs that i have been

dwelling upon, the past couple of days

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sex worker - haha kidding.

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pastry chef - one time while dining alone at a restaurant that serves my favorite comfort food of all time, Hickory Spareribs with mashed

potato, roll and corn & carrots plus a large lemon iced tea, i happen to be seated at a table where i can clearly see how the bread chef

works. and it fascinated me. which then reminded me of this tito vic and joey flick (i think) where the bakers press the uncooked dough with

their underarms. BLeccchhhhh!!

i'd like to learn how to knead, press, cut, slice, preheat and ultimately replace Heny Sison and her boring cooking show. i just love it when

they taste test the finish product and never ever say, "MMM... lacks salt." or "I was expecting this to taste different. Can we heat this

some more." she's basically saying all her food taste great. and they say she's a good cook or chef or whatever they're really called, but

honestly, she's a dud.

so in conclusion, i want to be a pastry chef. bow. priority: 3 stars


sex worker - ok so i wasn't really kidding the first time. i have dwelled upon this too. but all the sleaze and the disease and the moral

watchamacallits really turned me off on this one. plus, i'm still a virgin

so in conclusion, this is just too much. priority 1 star

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dj - as in Rock the House, In the scene, mini celebrity House Music DJ at a prominent club. yeah, long shot, you wish, i have no background

on working the turntable or whatever they call them now. but i do know what sounds good, what works up a crowd. i've been a club goer meself.

and i guess i pretty much know how the sound environment of a given time of night goes. that there's the Rockin' intro, the steady music, the

peak hour sounds, the crashing mode.

and i have to learn pa this and that much like learning a music instrument.

so in conclusion, this is crazy. priority 2 stars

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dealer - no not drugs or arms dealer. my mom had suggested i try a career in the gambling industry. she mentioned this gig at PAGC*R where i

get to, well, deal cards. specifically deal cards to rich socialites, politicians, celebrities, idle rich who have nothing better to do than

gamble. and throw ashtrays when losing.

so in conclusion, this could be my chance to practice me P.R. and probably get a hefty tip because of my wit and good looks, er, P.R.

priority 3 stars

to be concluded..

i suddenly got the urge not to finish this list.

** this just proves even further that i can't finish what i start. i gotta learn how to change that

** yes, i might start blogging again

** and stop drinking less. wait, stop drinking more. wait, first sentence sounds better. toinks beer no function well without.

til here

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