the boy with the most cake
boy kampai : utak alkohol

X-Men 3 and a Baby

why is it that we want so much from a partner.

i would have wanted someone

who likes sex as i do

is not squeamish with porn like any *normal* 25 year old male

rides the bus and finds serenity in it

eats tokneneng balut etc

watches local tv too, at times

who would sing Hard-Fi's Hard To Beat With me, even if he *doesn't sing*

who goes to that part of malate that's colorful and sleazy - ISH

who's not afraid of his sexuality AND therefore celebrates it

who knows the lyrics to Magasin

who knows at least 4 moony songs (better if he knew at least 6 moony song remixes)

who doesn't mind my past. past meaning, my kindergarden days hehehehe

who drinks more than me

and more..

i guess it's my way of saying i would love for our relationship to last, and i believe somehow, these small things help.
it's always the small things, ain't it


actually i did find one. but she's a she. so, bummer. and that's a different story


so far this past few months my life had revolved around work, the occasional get-drunk-and-pass-out beer marathons, SOME personal writing, daydreaming and forgetting. life is a big bore. it saddens me to think that all i do on my spare time, is wait to get to work. and at work, all i do is wait to get out and do something else. like get-drunk-and-pass-out beer marathons.


i've become a big fan of stolichnaya. double, on the rocks gets the job done in 15 seconds flat. jose cuervo is a different story. legend say that drinking this will make you forget you've drank it, so you drink some more. and the activities that conspired in between those shots are those you'd rather forget. that's what they tell me.


but mind you, i only do drinking binges in the company of people who i know can look out for me. like me office stalker. heheheheh


seen xmen 3 which was hog wash. yeah it was pure eye candy. watched it with 3 friends who grew up on xmen with me. we all agreed it was crappy. so we drank beer after. the solution to life's woe that is Xmen 3 the last stand. or should i say, The Last Time I'd Watch Any Xmen Franchise. i'm exaggerating of course. i'd probably watch it again for colossus


I am Colossus's Human form's Back!
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My super move: Kidney Punch. Hiyugh!
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The real Man of Steel
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oh in the movie, they gave Rogue a real name. and it's Marie!!! Marie?!?!?!?!?!? mot%$er#@Fu%#*CK*34ers!!!!!!!



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1st new crush Fernando Alonso, F1 champion, my age, beat 5-time champion Michael Shumakka, cutie, thick brows, thick neck, what else in his body is thick? hmmmm

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2nd new crush, no, he's not inside this car, it's the car. Mazda 3. the "3" stands for Zoom Zoom Zoom, it's got a big ass, big body, big name. Turn on!

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current hobby, flowerhorn breeder, actually i only have one green dragon flower horn size of a fingernail, that will soon turn to this, my "hubby" turned me to this hobby, and i will cherish it, and love and it, and squeeze it...

i like this fish because it looks tattooed, like your evil ex boyfriend.

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this on the other hand is a nishigikoi, a fish i wished i had, suitable for mass production and pond living, very low maintenance, and looks good on the eyes specially for old people or restaurant entrance garden view, they grow upto the size of the normal human, like me. like a dolphin only more colorful and speaks fluent nihonggo, hai!

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SPAM SPAM SPAM. i miss spam. Turn on!!!!

i'm not good with words anymore, it's all Image and video hosting by TinyPic 's fault....kidding

and poi!
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here's me promoting Xmen3 The Last Stand, taken by world renowned photographer ArRjAe PuNo. wehehehehe

AND!!!! i'm going to this
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Chicane in Manila on the 27th

to do this
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(no i won't turn into a preppy curly blonde


more pictures of alonso

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and not alonso but also a cutie
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i love!!!!

The Fluffer - my review
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hehehehe kidding. as if the this pic alone won't make you watch it. (his name is scott gurney)

bored at work

(still can't get over the fact that someone would actually buy me an aquarium, Can this be love? nyahahahahahaha)

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