the boy with the most cake
boy kampai : utak alkohol

seven deadly syntaxes

stolen without permission from phankmasters blog, but he will understand

7 things you enjoy doing even when there's no one around you:

some recreational, um, medicine heeheeeeee
master debating
writing things like these

7 things that lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level:

biting the inside of my lower lip, so when people think i pout a lot, i dont
biting them skin near the nails then spitting them at passersby
i wish i had a tongue ring, im a pretty oral person, see
why does it have to be seven

7 things that scare you:

dying lonely
dying unloved
dying ugly
dying with ugly make up
dying with one eye not glued shut (thats something)
dying forgotten
but not dying

7 things you like the most:

nah! just kidding. i hate rock and roll heheheheheheh

7 important things in your bedroom:

i have no room right now
but in my old room theres the decaying body of my brother
carbon dioxide
sanctity (wait do they have to be objects)
and a door. how else would i get in. and why whould you call it a room without a door

7 random facts about you:

i am a lover of life
i have developed a strange liking for people watching
never a day passed by that i didnt listen to music
i have a brown Springmaid comb, like most men in the philippines
im planning or fantazising about getting a glow in the dark tattoo
and a tongue ring
4 straight men raised me

7 things you plan to do before you die:

meet the dalai lama. and when i say dalai lama i meant Porn Star Eric Hanson
swim with a dolphin. it has to be just one dolphin
visit St Josephs in Cubao on its 100th year for plenary indulgence (nyaahahahhahaha im sinlesss!!!!!)
get rich goddamit! and not die the way i listed above
the other 2 im still thinking about

7 things you can do:

spend 1k on a beer spree
wake up and not remember about beer spree
sleep on almost any surface except lava, man! thatll be like, death man!
deep throat a 9 incher. sure id choke, man! but id still try heehee
grow hideous fat in my belly area. its a gift
eat nothing for 2 days (because money was spent on beer spree)
make people smile or laugh. (anong sabi ng tinga sa kulangot....Pare! anong ginagawa mo dito!) see!

7 things you can't do:

have sex with a woman, lady, female or goat. i hate goats. theyre freaky
wait thats 4 things already. damn!
rewind tapes after watching
finish Super Mario 3
masturbate drunk. that hand eye coordination thing is whacked!

7 things you say the most

shit! (okay so i curse a lot)
isang red horse
no, really. its this big!
di nga!

7 people that you want to take this quiz:

(you call this a quiz)
grimace (yes the mcdonalds character, even though he or it doesnt have fingers, id love to see him try)
liquid ducky dreamer (hows cavite!)

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