the boy with the most cake
boy kampai : utak alkohol

i wish someone would sing to me michael buble's HOME, with feelings.


when i was young i was stupid. years later, i'm LESS stupid


when asked to read a sentence about how much John weighs, i remember saying "John weighs 90 LIBS" (lbs.)

i also remembered reading a statement about a lawyer and i said "The jury agreed with Ah-ti Edwards" (abbreviated Attorney - Atty.)

and then names - "In the playground Michelle and Ma-eh played" (Mae) i remember this was in grade school. a classmate and my teacher laughed so hard.

also mispronounce KOG-NAK, DI-POT and KASH-EY. it was in late highscool i learned to pronounce these.


i hope to see you guys on friday. just posted some thoughts i dont wanna hafta remember. hehehehe


movie. addict.

the way i see it

you wake up. eat. work. eat. stress. smoke. friends. talk. eat. smoke. drink. then go home. and then sleep.

sometimes you want something different. to experience a feeling. a feeling you dont normally feel. so you try a movie. something different. movies are meant to be taken in. to tell you a story. to induce a reaction emotion or feeling. it's not like you spend money to movies everyday. minsan lang. only when you feel like it. nothing wrong with that. some on the other hand loved movies so much they actually invest on it. or let it revolve around them. or vice versa. they are called (insert othern noun for movie freak)

now substitute the word movies with drugs... nyahahahahahahhahaha!


on to a more serious note...

i was able to catch an episode of one those local pinoy showbiz talk shows on sunday and here are amazing facts i found out


all cute child stars turn out to be not-so-cute or gay adult stars

all sexy stars are evil or mean or bitchy. what they don't know is that after osang, this stint got boring.

all handsome and beautiful teen stars have butt ugly mothers.

someone should always be missing

all pretty couples have twins. cute little fraternal twins who endorse milk

young male stars never marry the mothers of their child. and they dont financially support their kid. so she has to come out and "apologize about ruining the matinee idol's career" because she really needs to buy milk. (they should've had twins)


talk shows

there has to be a fight

someone has to cry, followed by a stupid plug for a concert in San Fernando or Obando or somewhere remote where only cows can watch

someone has to thank dr calayan

every prominent stars goes home with a ridiculous bouquet of flowers

nobody fat, dark, disfigured, unkempt or extremely ugly stays on air for 3 seconds

when you see the word Exclusive flashing, it will be a revelation or something not entirely shocking and will span 3 commercial breaks

talk shows only hire loud gay voice overs with hideous laughter

and sometimes the word Exclusive is overused or used wrong. like say, "Exclusibo! Si IC may crush kay Drew!" Hallur!

staple lines are: "alam mo tito boy" "we're just friends" "ayoko na lang magsalita" "actually"

maybe they should change "talk" show to "Fight" show or "Pathetic Gimmicks to be famous" Show or "Let's Ruin Someone's Life" Show or "Privacy Invasion" Show. there's a lot really. it's stoopid but it's fun!


i'm bored, maybe i'll watch a movie. nyahahahahahaha!

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