the boy with the most cake
boy kampai : utak alkohol


impromptu stream of thoughts. fire!

*i moved out of my antipolo home to share a pad with 5 officemates
*i'm honestly getting better in POI
*there's a new crush at our department. aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!
*well, kelan ba nawala yun hehehehehe
*was assigned to a different team where i am the seniorest agent. which means i might be given some supervisory tasks like monitoring and coaching. eekk! panic!
*on the plus side, cutey crush is on my team! eeek!!! more reason to panic!!
*what's weird is that he has a girlfriend and yet everyone thinks he's gay. (i.e. dresses nice, amazing physique, soft, a very conscious low voice, those second looks, doesnt have guy friends, fag hag at work, doesnt smoke drink do drugs. hmkay! he's not my crush anymore.)
*moving on
*you guys know that super gay song..."I will never (NEVER)..No No Never (NEVER) Love again...." i dont know why.... but i love it
*i love orange the color not the fruit. well i like the juice too, but the point here is i love orange lately.
*well so far
*it's been weeks since i've been to bEd. so i'm going tonight nyahahahhaah! any hitchers?
*speaking of hitch, movies i'm looking out for
H2G2, Fantastic Four, Sin City(well i missed it), Happy Endings.. well the point is it's hard for movies to excite me enough to watch it.
*oh and neil gaiman will be here tomorow. might have my Smoke and Mirrors copy signed. ack!
*also currently in love with Res-They Say Vision (Robbie Rivera Vocal Mixshow Edit) it's sensual and i love poing to it. i wish i could perform to you guys soon.
*also excited about Hell's Kitchen in August! more reasons to celebrate (and drugs! haha kidding)
*oh, and i kinda have this weeeeeeeiiiiird feeling, cutey crush has a crush on me. the chairs at the office are pretty light.
*i was kinda imagining reading this post kinda like the way they did in the last parts of the movie Rules Of Attraction. the fast storytelling type with lots of fast cuts and fast forwards.
*who has a multiply account?
*wow! it just dawned on me that missed bEd! aaahhh!!!
*what happened to garppp's blog?
*does anyone have a L Word season 1?
*my girl house mates loved the first 2 episodes of QAF courtesy of me. amazing!
*okay i'm done for now.
*how are you guys!

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