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boy kampai : utak alkohol

the alphabet of the week that was

ambitious project alert - because of extreme boredom and tons of pictures on my harddrive, along with vanity (i.e. love of selfpictures) i am currently doing a feasibility report on doing a photomosaic of myself. the main photo was 1 taken during garrrp's birthday, cropped it and came up with a small picture 78 by 80 pixels. so around 6300 pictures should be taken (of myself) to make said mosaic. very ambitious indeed

bEd - for the first time in a long time, i went home with someone from bEd...or better yet someone took me to his home from bEd. woke up with no memory of what happened and this guy was going down on me. all i could think of was how the ceiling blue doesnt match the white of the wall. of course i regrouped and remembered everything soon. and even though sex was the last thing on my mind, it had to happen.

carlo - a co worker who i find amusing. he's peej's boyfriend (see P) and also peej's male version. i also heard that he's hung like (insert favorite hung analogy here)

dbd,dbd - nothing new and cool worth blogging about. i did see the gorefest Wrong Turn. yummy male lead. the rest forgettable.

e - my new favorite letter

fat ass - i woke up suddenly and i'm 160 pounds.

grazinni - Marco Grazinni is God's gift to women. not Jude Law

hung - i bet he's hung like a donkey on steriods who had Dolphy's genes. (my analogies are getting weirder and weirder, i know)

i wanna be with you everywhere - there's this song by Moustache that i enjoy listening to. the remix is such that the I wanna be... line is repeatedly chanted. the title is actually Everywhere and a sample of a Fleetwood Mac song of the same title. oh iiiiiiiiiiii..... i wanna be with you everywhere...

john hall - oh wait i take it back. John Hall is still God's gift to women. not Marco Grazinni

K - my second new favorite letter though i have yet to try it out.

lazy - in the middle of this post i was about to include pictures. then i got lazy. :D hehehee

men - i'm still all about men. that's not gonna change. though i also like late teens, boys, guys and some mannish women. like Chinggay. i'm still waiting for her to turn green. She Hulk Smash!!!

natural - our friend Natural had declared a few days back that he's finally single. it amazes me that a break up could actually damage a person like that. and when i say damage i mean free. he was last seen scouring bEd for copious amounts of beer and dubious company.hehehehe kampai to single hood natural!

ornussa cadness - i am simply amazed by whoever came up with this name. it sounds like a rare disease like dementia pugilistica or a weird muscle like latissimus dorsi. ornussa btw is a name of a female. a female who is currently dating borgy.

peej - i have a new friend in the form of a female beer guzzler, trance/deephouse diva, cameraphone whore named peej. her name is short for a femalized name of a recently and still dead pope. she calls herself alpha female and yet she's this laid back, chilled and very unaffected littl girl who's so passive she almost blends to the chair she sits on.

queue - i really dont wanna talk about work because it's as boring as (insert boring person here, like your math teacher, or your last fling, or maybe they're the same person) but seriously MAN!!! our department is getting disturbingly large amounts of calls. to which our bosses retaliated by hiring new agents. one of said new agents currently in training happens to be a chinito cutie(whom i havent seen btw) Rar!!!

ready to die - refer to S for accompanying text. after one helluva ride. i just realized that i'm not afraid of death. or dying. probably because of contentment. and happiness. and the knowledge that i'll die happy and i know the answer to the question "What's this life for?" Rar!!!

speed demon - i have met the demon. and his name is ivan. needing a ride home from a recent tagaytay trip, i took my chances on ivan's car even as i've heard of his notoriety for speeding to 100 even on a traffic jam. reputation proven. it was my first ever to ride a car that sped to 160! that's one hundred and mother effing sixty miles per hour!!! he even drove a 90(!) on a Strictly 40 mph/fine:5,000 php lane.

tagaytay - there was this team tagaytay trip which was mediocre. but beer filled. there were usual photo ops, beer guzzlings, weird pubic hair talks, a baby shower, homophobia, cute gym trainor fantasies. boring stuff really. i'll be posting groups pictures to make up for this bland post.

u2 - their newest album kinda sucked. they have to hire better producers. or disnmantle the bombs out of their asses, regroup and hire pharell to make their new album titled Love.Aging.Achtung.Baby. (nobody got this joke i'm sure)

vibes - as in good vibes bad vibes. a word that suddenly squeezed its way into my vocabulary pool. Good Vibes!

whatever a spider can - i had this weird and beautiful dream equivalent of a flying dream where i was spiderman. organic strings of web would shoot out of my wrists and i'd swing from ceiling to ceiling room to room out into the veranda and from tree to tree. i woke up and remembered every single detail. i love dreams like that.

xxx - why i love porn is no longer the question. why i have tons of it and how i hide it is the real mystery.

you - you, reading this blog. make a comment now.

zzzzzz - i love sleeping. but i hate sleeping when it's hot. so therfore i conclude, i should move to greenland. or closer to our ref.

ps: i changed my mind on the pictures here are some.

That's 2 Chimney Sweepers! No Waiting!

Stardance Challenge Number 1. Stop Dance Step Yes: A test of endurance and timing

You guys! I don't think these are real horses!

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