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Meet the Poinker

and so i realized that because of this weird thing called Science, specifically biology, such a thing called Rotting actually exists.

the 2 small fruits (methinks its baby suha) that i used as weights for the strings on my faux-poi exercises started to rot. curses!!!

it's not easy being green and brownish and moldy...

not one to be upped by stupid biology, i trashed the fruits and opted for a heavier but softer weights. Tada!

Raaaaarrrrgggh!!! I am made of RAAAAAAGE!

this way, when the twirling goes awry and the weights aim for my *eherm* lil Pois, i wont go sterile. Sweet!

in about a week or so, toinks shall be moving in to an apartment much closer to work, and closer to fellow odders ajman and kahlee. to which i shall pay tribute to my old room, that im sure i'll miss. paying tribute meaning, i'll be posting pictures of stuffs in my room that i'll miss, plus of course, silly captions.

(to my dismay, my photo server account's full so, really, no pictures here. anyone know a good photo server website? or whatever they're called where you can post them picture thingies and hyperlink them achuchuchuchu?)

lets move on!


house music alert!

currently in love with 2 club songs as of late. songs that i poi to when i'm bored. 1st is an old 1 from The Beach soundtrack called "Beached". trippy and fast with a little help from a dicaprio dialogue. 2nd is "How Did You Know " also a fast dance song accompanied by a strings orchestra (im not sure). 2 songs that are devoid of lyrics. it's the feeling i get that makes me like the song.

some club songs i like had something to do with this band or artist called Moony. who is by the way coming to manila on April 23. i have yet to google this later on, but right now, im kinda excited about that. i hope i get to hear them or her or him. okay i have to google this now!

didnt find enough info! methinks its a she.


i am quite (quite is a word i couldnt quite get. i used to believe that QUITE was a word that meant "kinda or a little bit" only to find out that quite actually means "to the greatest extent or completely" How fascinating is that!?!) excited about tonight. my sweet little friend from previous post had invited me out to a "Night of Trance and House Music" and it wasnt big time or anything like just a bunch of partiers who rounded up some party friends, photoshopped a flyer and crossed their fingers. let's all pray for my soul to be unfried and my brain in one piece.


my phone then starts to vibrate. it's beer calling! ha ha! see you guys saturday!!! peace and love by toinks!!


the chokachi post (why chokachi i dont know)

well, my life has been nothing but a series of boring mishaps and routinary (for the lack of a better word) ecklavu's. so im gonna blog about someone else's life (or death). let's begin with the pope.

**dying has been rarely an issue for me. probably because i've never died yet. but the pope. man! that was some loss. the pope reminds me so much of my dad. and anthony hopkins. stand up kinda guy, (used to be) very athletic, balding white hair. kinda on the heavy side. walks slow. polish. and has a first name of a girl's. and now he's dead. and suddenly he's everyone's favorite pope, or person. im sure grade schoolers are now writing essays (or silly little prayers) for their homework. and also suddenly he's everyone favorite pope or person. of course people are gonna pray for him. im sure he's praying too. if... that's what dead popes do. no seriously. lets pray for him. (what are the chances of dead popes going to hell?) disclaimer: if this kinda sounds blasphemous im sorry. i didnt mean for it to sound that way. i just kinda feel like Mr. The Second is the kind of person who would want his life to be celebrated and not his death to be mourned. he looks like a fun guy. and if i remember my Christian Living correctly. he even visited this little sicko who tried to wipe him out of his popedom. and he has a comics! sweeeeeet! so overall. he's a dead superhero that we all love. with matching white flowing cape and all, a royal magical staff and hoardes of bodyguard. hmmm, kinda like Gabdalf the White.
let's move on to live ones!

**so there's this sweet little co worker of mine who, well, happens to deal with stuffs of illegal nature that i "sometimes" participate in. she then introduces me to nino. buff and goateed and very entertaining. in the midst of beer sessions, he then whips out this cool gadget and starts showing us some tricks. what he entertained us with was this

only more elaborate, faster and with the use of two shoestrings and glowsticks. it was all done in the dark so the "show" was extreeeeeeeeemely amazing that i actually clapped. i was, *kinda* induced (beer and some other stuff i dare not mention but we all know about) enough that i actually enjoyed it (i.e. wide eyed, big grin, "Whoooo!"-ing and spewing curses of amazement). another factor was that nino was hot (maybe that's what i was grinning about?), shirtless (that time), high and was very friendly (i.e. touchy, grabby and loud) take note that this was all done in a motel. what a fucked up show!

**i enjoyed it so much that im also learning the trick myself. it's actually (officially) called Poi or fire twirling and done with two chains with a glob of fire on ends. so far. i can do 3 tricks. i cant do it with fire for the fear of burning what's left of this weird hole called My House. so i improvise with the use of a small fruit tied to a shoestring. how sad! and poor fruit!

anyway this is not about me. so let's move on.

**let's go back to sweet little co worker. she's this short, long haired, self declared Alpha Female who shares the same wavelength as mine. often times we would end the day with red horse and V's. and the next day we would to talk each other about what happened that drinking session, how it ended and how we woke up in each our rooms and never finding out how we got there. we reminisce this at another drinking spree. my liver is really going to hell. but hey, i only have one liver. better make the most out of it. (nyehehehehehe) she on the other hand is quite fascinated by me too. at one point i tell her "You're the female version of me, sana lalake ka na lang" to which she replies "Ohnga eh. ikaw den." "Ako den?! male version mo?" "Hind, sana lalake ka na lang!" to which i grab her head playfully choke her to death as we laugh ourselves to death. in her case, to certain asphyxiation death. nyahahahaha! damn i miss writing!

**my friend chino suddenly drops by the house in his black Charade and asks for company to visit girlfriend. during the long drive to way up antipolo, we talk about driving lessons (i.e. how to shift gears, and how he drives much better while beer induced), house music and all my unstraight friends. i failed to mention that him and girlfriend are having a baby (his 2nd "panganay"). i told him i cant be god father anymore as i am already godfather to 1st panganay. he then retorts in a most hilarious, mock-gay accent. "Day, hindi ka ninong! Fairy Godmother ka nitch!" we laughed our asses off so much we almost hit a truck load of chickens. im so not used to my straight friends talking like parlorista "Dakuls" (Daliring kulot)

**i then meet sofie the girlfriend and see his big tummy. instinctively, i kiss her on the cheeks and pressed softly on her belly. in my head i was crying and told myself "i may never have one of this" well thats life...... i scanned her home and saw the most amazing golden retriever who actually fetches things when ordered too. i found little solace in that thought where if i can never have a baby, i might still get a dog. another sight that fascinated me scanning through the house was a black obedient cat sleeping on the ventilation grill on top of their tv. i laughed so hard that my friends thought i was crazy. or losing it. c'mon! thats a sight aint it?! second sight that fascinated me was sofie's 4 year old kid sister lying beside golden retriever. her head on it's belly. how cute. see?! it's these simple things that make my life interesting.

(wow long post)

**backtrack to boracay. the boracay trip was massive fun. im caught in between the "it was so breath taking that im speechless" and the "i had so many stories and thoughts that i dont know where to begin" so i end up coming up with a lame anecdote like meeting Love Anover and commenting that she's one goofy character. i might just post some pictures someday and post silly little captions. like this one.

let'seee.... according to my dangerous mammals handbooks, those swimming things over there are called....hmmm... sharks! Oi!

more soon. happy reading you guys!!!!!

and yes this post is so long i didnt proof read it. or i might never read it again after the first time. :D but still. enjoi!

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