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My Day-Off Rental Movie Marathon Fantastique

rentals - there's something about movie rentals that turn me on. it's probably the thought that im just borrowing it. and that it's not mine.

so i kinda feel like someone is letting me watch their movie. and it's cheap so if i hated the movie, i can just scrub my face with eskinol.

animeko - i became a frequent renter because of this neat little store beside my High School School (?) i started with anime titles like Eva, some porn(okay a ton of porn), stupid comedies like Mallrats, erotic movies like Solitaire, crazy violent movies like Kids. then it evolved into smart, "huh?!" films like Being John Malkovich, more experimental porn like American Bukkakke, gay love stories like All Over The Guy and tearjerker flicks like Frequency.

encore encore encore - it's weird that among some of the movies i have repeatedly rented it's these themes that usually recurr: fatherhood(Frequency, Life Is beautiful, Lion King and Finding Nemo), threesomes(Chasing Amy, Threesome and Splendor), masturbation and Freddie Prinze (*sigh*).

*i guess i like the idea of renting so i dont actually own a copy of it. that i enjoy the anticipation of wanting to watch that movie and not having it readily available so the anticipation gets even stronger and the satisfaction becomes sweeter. satisfaction. satisfaction.*

otnemem - i once was browsing through the web and found the interesting fact that Guy Pearce starred in Priscilla Queen of The Desert as one of the drag Queens. couldnt find said movie in the rental shop so i re-rented a favorite, Memento *goosebumps* and the very reason why i love this movie is, waitaminit, i forgot. (nyehehehehehehe) didnt want to waste anymore rental money (and i promised someone i'd burn one for him) so i brought the dvd to office and copied. (in my head i can hear him shout whoopee! provided he hadnt seen it yet or havent found one in

close open - also rented Close Your Eyes. the prequel to Penelope Cruz starred spanish movie Open Your Eyes (kidding) Close Your Eyes starred Goran Vinjsic, or was it Vinsjic? whatever. it's a story about a hypnotist who helps in a murder case involving (toinks: khanum? what's
english for tulala? khanum: uhm, astonished? toinks: ah ok) involving children who got away from an attempted murder and from the trauma, became astonished (hikhikhik) . and true to it's title, i did Close My Eyes and slept halfway through. goran's good looks couldnt save the movie. thats the thing with rentals. you are never stuck with a shitty movie in your shelf. you can just return the movie and never talk about it again.

dial m for muscles - another rental is Running on Karma. a chinese, or was it korean movie about a former buddhist-monk-turned- "striper" (not a typo, the dvd case really did say he's a striper. im assuming he works at a zebra ranch) i rented it purely for the dvd cover that showed a shirtless and bulky muscle god that made my undies squirm. watching through the movie, i was crushing on the star and revelled at every scene where he gets to showcase his body (stripping scene, running naked in the streets scene, boxing match scene, contemplating on
being a bald monk while nude scene, and girls pinching his nipples/chest scene) what amazed me was how a guy with that much muscle and bulk could do backflips, do kung fu or run fast. (Gov. Arnold was never this limber) i examined the movie again for a second helping of the hottie and found out *gasp* Prostethic Muscles!??! my heart sank.... i felt betrayed and used. no wonder he was so agile. and he seemed too good to be true. it looked so real. oh well. let's move to the next movie

i still hate ethan - after much pondering, i had decided to rent ethan's Before 'Sunrise' for the kicks. i couldnt relate to the story. (i can relate more to the buddhist/striper or the boring hypnotist, or the forgetful investigator) it's weird really. this is probably one of those movies that i watched just so i could tell people i have seen it. im like that sometimes. i also plan on watching Before Sunset in theater with a nice date. hopefully a female who had seen the first movie. or maybe anyone in particular. someone who can stand long conversation-movies. like *bleep*

tetsuoooo - oh, and i also rented that much talked about anime akira. zzzzzzzz.... all the hype and no susbstance. e!

i've also been recommended the following movies and i hope to watch them once i get feedback from you guys. if any of you has seen any of these, tell me if it's good

donnie darko - it's about a weird rabbit (?)
requiem for a dream - i heard its about all forms of weird addiction like drugs or soap operas
ghost in the shell 2 - hmmmm... i hope i hear from jagard about this or duckling dreamer
duda - duh?! it's a gay movie?! any of you reccomend it? is it any good?!

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