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you had me at Hellurrrrr

as per rc's demand, here's an update.

well not really an update. nothing much has happened lately. still the same work 9 hours a day, drink and dance on days off, get blind drunk with friends, wake up shitfaced and hung-over in bulacan. nothing new really.


halloween is coming up and the office has this Come To Work In Costume Theme. i plan on going as Ricky Fitts with matching camcorder, doobie and floating plastic bag. other options are drag queen Virgina P, Drill sargeant BooBear or Leather Daddy-O. im torn.


loved Ben Affleck's character in Jersey Girl. just saw it the other day and it makes me laugh each time i am reminded that Kevin Smith wrote it. one scene that stood out was the father-daughter confrontation scene. i loved it so much that i had to rewind it 4 more times. powerful. it's so Kevin Smith.

noticed that all characters were likable and real. language was crass. emotions were raw. humor was funny as hell.

also noticed that a kevin smith flick wouldnt be complete without masturbate in the script. how odd.


i'm never gonna watch before sunset. i hate ethan hawke. period.


finally saw an episode of out. zzzzzzz.....


speaking of doobie... im only realizing now that a good amount of co workers in our department are, um, kindreds. (hehehehehe) i love this job.


there's this co worker who has a car who has a twin who drives home by my route. on more than one occassion we have sparked up a joint in the middle of pasig traffic in his untinted car. to which i wonder, is our government eqquipped with the armaments to combat hostile and warfaring countries of asia? i think not!! steps have to be done with regards to this, um, wonderment. dont we all think?!


there's also this co worker Zoe, who, from what i hear, has a boyfriend who fookin beats her up. i got enraged and frustrated. enough that i contacted an old friend, Israel, who was an extra in Assunta's Red Diaries, and who happens to kill for a living. all i gotta do left is find out who Zoe's boyfriend is. people like Zoe's boyfriend dont deserve to live. (of course this is half meant)


im also noticing a "distance" between me and a co worker, Ian. she's this bubbly character who i swear to god started the whole "Hellur" phenomena. it used to be that she would talk to me, kiss me goodbye and ask me every week what my day off is. (i'm later finding out that i also do that to co workers i have a crush on or those i'd like to ask out) she then gets a boyfriend, also a co worker, and she suddenly turns cold on me. eh!? and i am ASSUMING, that its her boyfriend who's making her do this. mahirap talaga maging pogi. *shishishishi*


monkey chops

8 minute is the time i have left in my break. so i'll make this one unruly unorganized and editless...

went to government friday night and realized makati has such a nice crowd. the ratio of cutie to homely is 1 out of 6. the ratio of buff god to mere mortals is 1 out of 8. im really bad in math. i wonder how i can still come up with this in 8 minutes. ooops 6 minutes left.

also hated makati for passing such ugly ugly smoking laws. damn you self rightoues non smokers! go to heaven!!!!

imagine having to cramp yourself in one "lounge room" where everyone smokes, closed space, candle lit, shoulder to shoulder. kinda like an elevator of death.

the bar was too bare, people wise. since the place is too big to fit Sangkabadingan Makati Inc. which is what? 300? that place can fit SMI plus Straight Ltd. and Foreigner Lowlifes With Nothing Better To Do Corp. and theres still room left for 30 musclemen-busboys. with this dilemma, recruits had to be imported all the way from malate. saw around 1 in 10 familiar faces that night.

entrance and beer was expensiver than malate's. im assuming the guys are expensiver too. darn it.

it might take me some serious male persuasion to set foot back in that place.

and i realized that one key ingredient was missing in that place. sleaze. im going back to bed.

8 minutes is up


(written on my second break)

i finally discovered that spot on the quiapo map where dvds sprout like gay worms on a dead jon hall's corpse. it was pure bliss. it was like, magical, i was speechless, dumbfounded, and hungry. yeah i was hungry that time too.

bought myself Jersey Girl (havent seen it yet) some miyazaki's (yet again) and SOuth Park. to which my friend asked "Dude ilan taon ka na nga ulit?" i said 23 why? "ah, kala ko 12 ka eh"

ha! can you think of a 12 year old who understood Mononoke? and sees it as a master piece kick ass, my cartoons can kick your cartoons piece of film art??! no?! okay.

and for 60 bucks a pop?! digress

one time i went to virra mall to look for some dvds back when i didnt know what quiapo offers. and guess who i saw browsing. tj manotoc.

deym! and here i thought a tv personality/gossip freak/and not so cute of the manotocs would actually condemn piracy.

i would often see him in tv and think to myself. is borgy really your brother? how come youre not as hot?

then when i saw him greenhills. ching! ibang hotness pala. he's not so bad after all. digress


a few days ago, THE ex added me up on friendster. and all i could think of was Nyeeeeee...

was i losing it? dont i miss him anymore? is this the new friendster layout?! cute! i'm planning on posting a pic of mine with one of the odders. pampaselos. add that you bitter ex!!! hehehehehe digress


it's not that i lost an interest in writing, it's more of a "i lost some means of blogging". i wish there was a way for me to blog even without web access..

15 i's

i am currently enteraining/FUBUing an ex of an ex

i took a shower/rub-off/soap-down with a "hipon" officemate. what the fook was i thinking?

i am contemplating on a tongue pierce

i havent had sex in a month

i would STILL rather JO than have sex

i'd rather kiss than go down

i'd rather eat spam than have someone massage me

i still have no permanent phone

i've lost my amour for it

i lost my simcard few days ago and i thought "i'll never find it again" so i went ahead and planned on cancelling it and getting a replacement. i suddenly had the urge to miss call it. the guy answered and swore he'd retun it. he returned it. after which, i planned on never contacting him, and think to myself that he is some entity/angel/random stranger that i will someday repay.

i currently am missing some odders

i'm becoming super chums with a non-cute plu officemate who's a member of

i still havent seen an episode of OUT, daig pa ako ng straight guy friends ko. shet.

i dont know where my life is headed

i'll get kicked out of the office if i incur another tardy or absence within 2 months

i am developing a dislike/rejection/vomitty effect on peaches *shudder to think*

i am currently loving litro packed Tang any flavor. its heaven in a sachet favorite is pineapple. runners up are grape and manga

i dreamt that i was having sex with an odder. eek! (kinda yiiiiikiiiii)

i only have 3 pairs of briefs. eek!

i would like to have nice abs and great torso and yummy butt. or at least touch them.

i promised myself that by next year, im sailing to boracay by hook or by line or by sinker (heheheheheh)

i am ending this post with a question...

i wonder. how are my friends? comment naman jan!


sorta kinda like-a parang medyo maypagka update

watched tons of movies

lost some pounds to running

went to puerto, got mindoro "slung", flirted with a co-worker, peed on the door, swam like a merrrrman, took underwater pics, went home with skin cancer.

saw ajman and co.'s lovely pad. lovely

made friends with an ex

took a drug test that i pray i wont regret

started dating again, didnt work out.... (why do i even bother)

2 tv's, pc and an electric fan went to the grave. my house is cursed with dead appliances

uploaded pix for friendster

got a nipple piercing

had a fling with a "protein" freak!!! thank god i drink pineapple juice (im trying to get that mental picture out of my head)

stalker/admirer/co-worker bought me a shirt

slept one night with 5 guys in one bed (ahihihihihihi)

detoxicating myself of coke and sprite anything bought in a can and carbonated

and thats it.

one of the statements is false. can we guess what it is?

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