the boy with the most cake
boy kampai : utak alkohol

white party rooooooooooocked!!!!

yeah, but i wasnt there. instead i was at this guy chino's birthday shindig in the fabulous marikina.

i'll let the pictures do the talking.

Like kase ano eh, you know, i dont drink beer eh. its so yucky!

when arcy went down on ding, he realized how many inches it is

bon narrates his tale of syphillis while arcy tries to comprehend the horror

arcys eye infection worsened by the days

i dont know about you guys, but this is just, kinky

white party goers got lost and ended up in marikina

Kelangan pa ang imemorize yan?

one guy bent forward, and a guy at his back. also kinky

pare, yung swedish massage ah. lower, ayan, lower. aaahhhh.

Text Pair2 space Kissable Hair and send to 2366 (So Kissable)

arcy checks for cavities with his invisible mirror

dont ask

i see you, baby. yeah, cmon, whatchu got for me, flex that arms right there yeaaah

ilong ilong ilong ilong ilong ilong ilong, KILAY!!

mah name is ahnold dis is mah sahdkeek Sadeek

men who love to fuck you

more men who love to fuck you

nice strong arms and beer. my day is done

siamese fraternal twins joined at the head.

siamese fraternal octaplet joined at the head ang hirap siguro tumae nito

for more unedited pics (of that hot SMK bald guy with the nice arms)
check out*****1ph

you all know my user id right?


at ease!

i dont know why. tinopak i guess.

i got myself some nice clean military cut. i felt like saluting everytime i meet someone i know or someone comments on it.

comment on the hair: Satanas!

check friendster for photos. ahihihihi

thats my sister in the other pic

im also bringing this digicam to sat contingent. thought mga hanggang 7 pm or so lang siguro ako. kitakits then!
mamaya is friday bed. il be there. sumulpot na lang kung susulpot aiiiight guys?!



im starting to believe i have a serious drinking problem. and that's commuting. ahihihihihihi.

maghahanap na nga ako ng boypren na may oto. na moderate drinker. na cute. na sweet. na may tato. na may happy trail. na normal. na matino. na matalino. at higit sa lahat hindi ako iiwan at makikipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa. im so bored

toinks 0, beer 3

imagine lush taytay. greys, greens and faded golds everywhere, from the drying fields of grass and concrete progress.

ayun. doon ako nagising. as in sa sidewalk. right beside the highway.

"huy. huy! ano nangyare sayo"

this old guy in a bike was waking me up.

i realized i just woke up in a sidewalk and as usual, i didnt know how i got there. first thing i did was feel my pockets. it amazed me that nothing was lost.

ang buong detalye mamaya sa frontpage.

oh well. what else is new?


eight ball challenge

another boring day at the office. what's a boy to do? Let's ask the magic eight ball. woohoo!!

by next year lalaki na ba katawan ko, in a good way?
BETTER NOT TELL YOU NOW (what the f...)

will i get lucky the next time i go to bEd?
IT IS CERTAIN (ako pa!)

will i get rich in a call center?
VERY DOUBTFUL (sabi na eh, better hone my torso grinding skills now)

are you fucking with me, mister eight ball?
MY REPLY IS NO (hmmmm... pakipot naman)

will i die tommorrow?

ulet daw, will i die tommorrow?
BETTER NOT TELL YOU NOW (knock on woody)

will i ever find true love?

mahal ba ako ni sungod?
YOU MAY RELY ON IT (bwuahahahahah sabi na eh. joke)

miss na ba ako ni stolich?
REPLY IS HAZY TRY AGAIN (ay? hindi ako miss ni loko)

miss na ba ako ni kirsh?
VERY DOUBTFUL (tsk. wala palang nakaka miss sa akin. lokohan na tong 8 ball na to)

mainit pa ba dugo sakin ni garppp
DONT COUNT ON IT (sana totoo to. :D)

will jasmine M.D. miss me when she leaves for US?
YES DEFINITELY (i'm sure she'll miss everyone)

meron bang may crush sa aken sa odders?
YOU MAY RELY ON IT (uuuuuy issue!!!)

meron ba akong crush sa odders?
AS I SEE IT YES (hahahahahahahha..... isssue!!!!!)

may mapapala ba sa 3-way relationship?
IT IS CERTAIN (sinungaling na 8 ball! pwe!)

pwede bang humina ang tawa ni ethan?
DONT COUNT ON IT (hahahahahahahhahaha! sabi na eh!!)

pinanganak bang balot si liquid_dreamer na naging tao lang lately?
IT IS CERTAIN (tinanong ko pa obvious naman)

miss ba ako ni pj?
IT IS CERTAIN (wala na. nagkakaulitan na)

si jagard ba ay sadyang hottie?
BETTER NOT TELL YOU NOW (hanggang ngayon hindi ko alam ng meaning ng sagot na to)

may odder ba na ikakasal sa babae?
MY REPLY IS NO (ang umangal hindi isasama sa contingent)

pwera ke kahlee, may makakabuntis ba ng babae sa odders?
OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD (nag iisa paren si paldeng)

may odder bang mabubuntis?! hehehehe malay mo na
WITHOUT A DOUBT (hahahahahhahaahah!!! baka pigsa ang mabubuntis)

may straight ba sa odders?
YES (potang ina!!!!!!!! itakwil ang traydor!!! hahahahahahahahahah)

makaka fling ko ba si troy montero?
MY SOURCES SAY NO (pak you ka!)

tinuli ba ako nung grade 6?
IT IS CERTAIN (accurate siya. mahal ko na tong eight ball)

tatay ko ba talaga si eddie gil?
VERY DOUBTFUL (awwwwwwww...bummer)

may posibilidad bang ikamatay ko ang alokohol?
IT IS DECIDEDLY SO (my fate has been decided, hindi na ako iiniom)

minahal ba ako ni sef?
IT IS CERTAIN (i thought so. i felt it)

eh ang tanong mahal ko ba talaga siya?

IT IS CERTAIN (i thought so)


randoms and gemorrah

lately ive been off. distant. sick. tired. unfun. trying to be fun. moody. but only to myself. neither over nor under sexed. details will be for drunk talks. 3 people hate me. (i think) (i hope not) im not good with apologies. like i said to one before, but i do try.

trying to be sober. clean. de-uglifying myself. i just kinda wake up every other morning and exclaim to myself "ampanget mo"

trying to catch up on ye olde straighte ones. nothing has changed. and by nothing i mean a lot. people never seem to grow up. im never gonna grow up. let's never grow up. kampai!

trying to be unsick. i feel like i need to swallow 3 biogesics every day. it's like Veda from My Girl. she thinks she's sick so she visits this old doctor and tells him she thinks she's sick. that's me. i think im sick.

trying to distract myself from what's bothering me. which by the way i dont know shit about. that's what i think my problem is. i think i have a problem, but i dont know what it is, or im not sure if i really have a problem. heng?

trying to catch up on lost sleep. 6 hours a day is not bad. also not good. been dozing off on work lately. my quality assurance scores are clinging on to passing. not failing but not excelling either. im somewhere in the middle.

yeah, i guess that's my life right now. hazy. and fun because i try. dark. but coping, i guess. awake. and hopefully productive.

lonely but still smiling like a high teenager in the dark. choking the neck of a half full red horse bottle.

maybe it's a trick of the light


there are people you meet in life. people who help you get through. encourage you, make life worth your while. remind you of a life with so much brilliance, it's just swirling about in your fingertips when you want it.

and then there are people who are just good cock suckers. where do you fucking learn this?! Oral Sex 101? seriously! guys are getting better and better in this.

though with this tidbit (ahihihiih) of information, i also came upon a sweeping generalization that i will have to make. guys, a little on the heavy side, do have "short-comings". and guys with large jaws are very much gifted. /me batoks self.


i just finished watching Grave of The Fireflies. it depressed me. in a good way.


i also caught Teen Titans the other day. it made me wanna be robin. or one of the writers. it's so laugh out loud funny. very fresh. very anime-ish. nabilib ako. for an american cartoon, it's so japanese. so japa-nice.


flowers. my flower. i'm sorry about the other night. i tried calling you three times now. to no avail. i will try to call you again as soon as i post this.


song of the minute
Sublime - River of Babylon
it's kinda folk kinda reggae kinda alternative sung by a band whose vocalist is known for being a junkie. and who happen to die of drugs. how sad. song good though.


Hay yay yay pag ibig...

a textversation

june 1
dennis: 2nd anniversary na namen! ang ganda ko noh?!
toinks: 2nd aniversary? parang yung sa kantang "humanap ka ng panget"
dennis: PUTAH KAAAAAAH!!!! (of cors u olready know dat)
toinks: Congrats men! bilib!
dennis: Thanks, Pao (smiley)
toinks: Pakiss?
dennis: hmmm. sige. smack.

june 7
toinks: Tanong. Ano sikreto ng lasting relationship? Pwera flinging heehheheh
dennis: Malaki titi ko. Buwahahahahahhahahaha!
toinks: Speechless.
after a few minutes
dennis: Seriously, contentment.


i was blown away by that last text. i just never expected to hear or read something like that from someone my age. someone who is obviously in control of himself. someone who knows what he wants. and stays. and seem genuine about it. i never really asked him but i guess it's a given. love must be at work here. though one must ask. is it really?

maybe there is such a thing as true love. or am i reading into this too much. can contentment translate to love?


contentment is contentment. love is love. Anna Dizon is Anna Dizon. and i, am crawling back to my jaded little pawikan shell. haaaaaay. kainggit.



after waking up at his place
allan: so pano nga nawala phone mo?
toinks: huh? wait?! did i hear that right?
allan: kagabe. san mo nawala
toinks: fuck hindi nga?! the thought of losing yet another fone is suddenly dawning on me

toinks then bolts up from the bed and grab his pants that was hanging by the door.

toinks: shit shit shit. ano nangyare. obviously knowing nothing. how typical
allan: kagabe. nung nagkita tayo di ba, sabi mo kawawala lang ng fone mo. hindi mo na nga hinahanap e
toinks: fuck! malutong

toinks sits up by the chair and contemplates. how the fuck did this happen again
toinks: that was the fifth fone. tang ina tawag muna ako sa globe. papacancel ko muna.

allan grabs toinks' hand.

allan: mamaya na.

and pulls him into bed. toinks quickly recovers from it. and will plan on mourning over it later on. he then lays beside allan as his hand slipped under one of the pillows to get comfortable. his hand felt something familiar. a 3310 fone.

toinks: tang ina akin to a!!!
allan: hahahahhahhhahhahhahhah.

toinks then jokingly beats up allan.
it was a good joke. a wake up call as well.


american gods of beer and gay bashing

im torn between reading neil gaiman's American Gods and um, not reading neil gaiman's American Gods. 461 pages long and no pictures might pose quite a challenge for me. i do get kinda lazy with paragraphs. both reading 'em and writing 'em.

i got the book from a friend on one of the red horse sprees i had during the week.

i'll give myself 3 weeks to finish it.


before said drinking spree commenced, the four of us were watching queer eye for the straight guy on cable. surprisingly they had a blast watching it. and i had a tough time explaining to them what the show is.

toinks: those five guys are all gay and they're going to make over this straight guy. as in clothes, yung pad, the works.

chino: ano kapalit?

arcy: rereypin nila sabay sabay yung guy. hahahahahahhahahah


bon: dude, ano ba yang pinanood nyo. i mean, i can understand toinks would watch this pero kayong dalawa?!

arcy: make over daw e. kelangan kong kumuha ng tips dyan

chino: dude di mo kelangan ng tips. kelangan mo ng basurero. ambaboy na ng kwarto mo e.

(one of the gay guys then start removing straight guy's shirt so he can shave off chest hair)

chino: ayan o, rereypin na.


i dont know. lately ive been to bored to write. maybe i'll get the writing juice back after reading said book.


or maybe too tired to write. im not sure.


i realized i cant tell a long continuous story. mostly fragments. or thoughts on things. maybe that says something about my head, or my life. that i am fragments. not a story.


i finally agreed to the guys that i'd go with them friday night instead of the usual (bEd). but that was an agreement made while drunk. so hopefully they'll forget about it. /me crosses fingers.


i'm really having secinds thoughts on moving out. i dont know. im not sure. im also considering the fact that im getting less and less in my salary.


what's a good day job? since i work nights at a callcenter, maybe i should "sun"-light as a busboy.


when i was younger i've always to be a merrman cosmonaut pediatrist precision driver doctor. maybe i should start pursuing that. but then again to do so, i'd have to go through being a student again. haaaay life.


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