the boy with the most cake
boy kampai : utak alkohol

whatever and ever

chino: si shok me saket

toinks: anong clase?

chino: may nakain yatang masama

toinks: mamamatay na?

chino: ewan ko. inom tayo?

toinks: off ko monday night

chino: bukas na yun a

toinks: honga eh. ano

chino: walang players. may mga pasok

toinks: so... wala.

chino: punta ka na lang dito. dalin mo hardisk mo.

toinks: what for

chino: gawin nating ashtray habang umiinom

toinks: tas pulutan si shok?

chino: hahahahahhahahahahaahah

toinks: masarap daw ang asong may breed.



shok is chino's pulutan, i mean pitbull. they named him shok after it's mother's owner. the owner was a flaming homosexual. shoke. how mean. and funny. and ingenius. i wish i thought of that first


monday night in the philippines is memorial day in US. so it's a holiday. i've been looking a monday night fling happening. so far none has replied to my invite. what to do what to do.


i just got out of work and waiting for other co workers to come in. there was an impromptu swimming get together at one of the officemates place. swimming briefless, beer at noon, shaving newbies. my typical day.


was checking friendster and saw that one of my friends (who had invited me for a Greenbelt hanging out by 4pm later, which i might not attend) has 16 photos in his profile. asked him why and replied that friendster emailed him stating that his profile creates a net traffic due to its visitors and that friendster would upgrade his photos to 16. wtf? ako reeeeeen!!!!!


how do i how do i stir things with my profile. maybe is should start posting nudies. or underoo shots. or my ugly mug on full close up. i checked again said friend's profile and saw nothing interesting. must be advertising. ha!


excited over swimming. crush is coming. unfortunately said crush is female.


im really bored. im posting nonsense.


a much delayed montemar post

19 thoughts
in order of appearance

toinks - thank god you found these people.
ajman - minahal ko nang husto ang cooking mo. and that halter top apron on you looked mighty hot.
ethan - thanks for the kirsh updates. and your loud infectious laughs
mravel - for the invite. for the lovely house. for the montemar membership. for the company. for the slow dance. the warm hug. the "alalays, akayin ang nasugpo ng gilbeys sa aking kama, madali!!!" or something like that. you know what i mean. you are always on my mind. ala AI.
tennister - man! somehow i'm starting to think you and i are brothers from a different mother. you rock!

garppp - man! tsk. how do i say this. i'm the guilty fucker who wishes somehow you'd go soft on one of these days. i am really really sorry man. (nakaw na hug)

kahli - you were the sleaziest! i love it!
liquid_dreamer - baloooooot! ni hindi man lang tayo nakapag usap ng maayos. we'll make up for it. nahilo ako sa duyan mo. at sa back hair mo. pa-wax tayo?
will_t - you were the quietest. thanks for trusting that i dont have athlete's foot and borrowing my slippers. ipag-iigib kita kung kelangan. (a reference to the fact that i took a shower ahead of him and almost used up all the drum water)
nuckd - i understand. people will ease up eventually.
d_alchemist - tsk! man! you'll get through this. that taxicab confession did something to me. and that toaster of yours enlightened things. keep strong. btw, you suck as dhalsim! pero natalo ka man sa final three ng AI mahal parin kita! a hug to most affected.
bench - patawa ka talaga! parang ang sarap mong ikahon at iregalo saken. mahal na kita pramis! mga hirit mong aliw. pwede ka nang comedy bar host. mga tipong pang side comment. aliw!!!
trip - dude! salamat sa house visit.
jaguarlord - someday i shall fight you and win. Shooooooooryukin!
stolich - iba ka! ewan ko.
mango - life of the party. panalo ang mga impersonations mo. thanks for making me laugh the hardest. isipin ko lang yung mga joke mo tumatawa na lang ako mag isa.
kugel - tang ina! mas nabilib ako nung nalaman kong fine arts pala to. lufeeeet. /me points at bead necklace. i want you to draw me wearing this. wearing only this. hehehehehe.
glendel - ito yung gusto ko maga one on one sa inuman. mukhang malakas tumoma to. bagay sa kalbo mong ulo yung flower sa tenga. hehehehehe.
jollieboi - ito yung second runner up for the quietest. i'll get to know you more someday one day.


whatever happened those 2 days and 2 nights will always be remembered. kampai!



1. i am finally moving out of what i believe they call home.
2. moving to further antipolo. catch: only one ride to libis as opposed to 4 from where i live now.
3. i am numbering this for no reason at all.
4. the folks dont know yet. but by monday im outta here.
5. it was a spur of the moment thing. and i barely know my housemate. bad idea sure. but hey. friends of my friends are my friends naren. wahtever
6. housemate is a chick. she has no parents or a family of her own.
7. the place rocks my pants!
8. name's michelle. and over a couple of red horses, we got along the first time we met.
9. it was chino's initiative. chick michelle was his girlfriend's girl-friend. and she is trying to run away from a live-in/terror bf.
10. i am so getting a salary loan.
11. i am doomed. and i'm loving it.
12. here goes nothing.


Jerrojerrojerropi Part 2

this is the evil me posting a picture of hot cutie jerro. now beegee's ex.

ha! after, what, two weeks?

turns out, jerro is still hung up on ex of 4 years. broke up with beegee since ex, Inna, begged him to marry her.

how sad.

but look! jerro's shirtless!

life is so beautiful. i love working here.


let's all curse in our heads at jerro for being straight



it was in new york when i saw him. short guy with tall upward hair. not so good looking. *kinda* my type. there was a sneaking suspicion that we have met before. and ajman confirmed it. "nakahalikan mo yan one time"

now i know why he felt so familiar. flashbacks started to queue in. though i had to dig deep into brain cells and dendrites, i still cant remember the guy. but i told myself "yeah, he is the type of guy i'd make out with, drunk or not"

we enter bed. it was sardines-packed. and i see him again. him and his small frame. tight shirt. upperlip hair. and a san mig light in one hand. i cant remember how exactly, but somehow i found myself dancing with him again. the feeling was repeated. so was a kiss or two hundred.

i had to touch him. smell his nape. thinking that one smell could make me remember. then dance. then he turns back. i dont let him go. then my right arms around his neck. with his back to my front. letting my lips graze his neck. his hair. then his cheek. then my left hand went south. to his waist. to only confirm what ajman says. "walang underwear" and yup. wala ngang underwear. my five fingers underneathe his shirt. tight torso. really small guy. then troy. brad pitt. nude scene. running in skirt. eric bana. slowly wearing his war gear. hairy chest. shit. toinks is going down.

this happens, maybe 3 or 4 times. same chronology. only different spots on dance floor. then it was time to go. so it was time to go. i never find out his name.

then i see him again outside. and i had to follow him. the purpose of which i still cant figure out. he is sitting down somewhere. smoking winston reds. i see him from a far. he sees me. i smile. i come near. i sit beside him. and just smiles. looks down on the cement. i didnt know what to say. because really, i didnt know what i was doing there in the first place.

we talk. all blurry. i mention seeing him before. he mentions he has a place, he has a headache, he has a ride, and his name was marvin. i gave the hint that i didnt want to go. his friend walks by. and off he goes. nothing was exchanged but a kiss.

walking away, a car drives by. cute but kinda old bEd frequenter driver guy shouts "need a ride?" "where do you go home to?"

toinks replies in a nice smile "antipolo. but i'm good" raises an open palm. "thanks anyway"

"you sure?"

"yes. thanks. i'll see you around though"

i'll see these guys around.


review on Troy

Orlando Bloom is such a pussy
fight scene between achilles and hector full of energy. wish i could rewind.
a running brad pitt in skirt. major turn on.
angry eric bana very fine. made me wish he'd turn green soon.
most disturbing scene. hector's baby with the giant head. did you all see the head on this baby?
paris says to helen "dont worry, i'll find you again in a different lifetime" havent found him yet.
ending. bitin. kinda like eating a siopao without the white paper that sticks at the bottom.
kinda like this post



yesterday could be called a breakthrough for me. i realized that my wardrobe rotates around 7 articles of gimik/office clothing, 3 pants, 3 shoes and a fartridge in a fur tree.

so i decided to give greenhills a visit and splurge.

right after work at 10 am, i trailed off to the wonderful land of bargain, piracy, yummy clothes and vendors that reeked of kangkong or chicken joy.

fast forward to shoppesville

i had my eye on this black polo. medium. (back when i was a fat-ass i prayed to Buddha for that one day when i will be wearing a medium. that day has come) it was neat looking, classic design. stylish. i dont know what boccelli might say, but i know that if he were shopping with me, he'd encourage me to get it. so i tried it. and i looked fabulous. like a movie star. Dennis Roldan maybe. or a young Tony Ferrer.

then my eyes wandered off into another wardobe. same design as the black one. only this time. pink?

black says class. elegance. boring. neutral. not fun. but good enough. makes me look thinner. very pro-fessionul.

pink says pink? hellow? pink? pinkaloo. syowki. ka federasyon ka na ba? pinaninidigan mo na ba yan toinks?

then i overheard the salesladies.
"lam mo lahat ng nagpipink gumagwapo.dumaan dito si blah blah blah naka pink blah blah may hitsura pala"

so i gave it a whirl. might as well try it.

and to my amusement/amazement, i remembered the Magic Kamison. or Blusang Itim.

potang inah! ang guwapo ko ngang naka pink!!!

me, in an unruly but gelled hair, stubbles meaner than Hitler, a goatee that every guy office mate adores, and a motherfucking pink polo, i looked all wrong. it felt wrong. and i loved that it felt that way. and as one friend's testi went, i was bizaare and collected.

so i buy the darned thing. that's the end of that.

final note. never mess with the man in the pink shirt.

tomorrow will be lesson on blush, mascara, pink lipstick and leg shaving. afaflu!!


My First Ever Serious Post About The Elections and Current Events

Fernando Poe Junior
"Hala! Sige, ayan oh, abutin nyo kamay ko. Hup, aaaaahhh, hup!!! Ahahahahahahah!"


"kahit hindi ako rehistrado, iboboto kita Ma'am Aunor"


thought balloon : Pwede kayang tumae dun sa mga urinal ni BF.


"Ming-miiiing, miiiiing!! San na ba yung kinanginang pusang yan"


"Tignan nyo napalunan ko sa MTB! Si Ecko!!! haaaaaay!!!"


"Okay ha, This is what we call the Drunken Monkey Chop ha!"


"Taka, na lackjaw ata aka"


marquez:"amuyin mo na kasi dude"
manny:"ayoko nga e. galing sa pwet mo yan e"


Armpit shot. kinky.


The Hulk Pose. Turn off.


nuisance? di naman a!

excerpt from a GMA news interview with THE presidentiable to beat.

Vicky Morales (VM): Ano po ang isang normal na araw sa inyo?
Eddie Gil (EG): Sabado. (hahaahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahaha!!!! fuckerrrrrr!!!!!!!)


VM: Ano'ng pangalan ng tatay niyo?
EG: Ay, nde ko pedeng sabihin.
VM: Bakit naman?
EG: Masyadong sentimental. Pag binanggit ko yun, mawawala lahat ng nasa isip ko.
VM: Pero patay na siya?
EG: Oo, pero nakikita ko pa. Pag gusto ko siyang makita, nakikitako. Saka
nagbibigay din siya ng instructions sa akin, para sa mgaginagawa ko.
VM: Ha, paano? Sa panaginip?
EG: Oo, sa panaginip. Minsan, isinusulat din niya sa blackboard. (pukinang inang kaululan to!! ano bezzzzzz?!?!?!)


VM: Magkano ang net worth nyo?
EG: Yun nga, papaunlarin natin ang Pilipinas.
VM: Hmm, yung net worth nyo po. Magkano?
EG: Yun nga yung una kong gagawin, aayusin ang Pilipinas.
VM: Yung net worth po.
EG: Ano'ng net worth?
VM (nanlumo sa sagot): Hmm.. yung halaga po ninyo, yung halaga ng mga ari-arian nyo?
EG: Ah, hindi ko masasabi kung magkano ang halaga ko.


VM: Isa po sa plano nyo yung gawin dollar ang currency ng Pilipinas.
EG: Oo, gagawin nating Philippine dollar. Bakit yung ibang bansa,dollar ang
gamit. Ang Korea, may Korean dollar. Ang China, CHinesedollar.
VM (confused na): Dollar ba ang gamit ng Korea, hindi ba Won? Saka ang China, Yuan di ba?
EG: Dollar din yun.


to eddie. it was fun while it lasted. i will always have fond, fuzzy and warm feelings for you and your hair.


hang-ups on all things oral

i remember or i think it was freud who came up with the oral stage. that stage in your childhood where everything relies on your mouth.

it is in this stage that you are breast fed, nurtured and given life. in other words, loved. with breastfeeding, you feel your mom's heartbeat. and that heart beat is the rhythm that tells you you are loved. taken cared of. nurtured

i was never breastfed.

this would explain a lot of who i am. and no matter how farfetched it is, here are some thoughts on why i think i have oral stage hang ups.

* i love music. i love beats. i cant stand it when it's quiet. i love steady rhythm. house music. regular beats. with regular patterns. and somehow i believe that this liking for music spawned from wanting my mom's heartbeat. that somehow i'm looking for a love that was never shared.

* kuyakoy. people would always comment that i do this a lot. they would then imply that i was bored, anxious or horny. sure i can be all those. but it really means nothing (or does it). kuyakoy is this regular, unconscious jerking of the leg. there's something about it that makes me feel like i was being lulled. it comes out naturally. so it must mean that my need to be loved comes out naturally too.

* there was a stage in my life where i was a fat ass 150 lbs. in other words, i put everything in my mouth.

** i have the tendency to chew pens. or straws. or ice.
** i smoke a lot.
** i tend to chew on the inner skin of my lower lip
** i suck! we all know what this means. hehehehehehe
** i like to work my partner up with my mouth (eeeps!) like biting, nibbling licking etc.

* well i am unstraight. maybe i shunned my mom for not giving me love. and that the idea of finding love from a woman is fruitless for me.

in conclusion, let me just say, that sef has finally left manila. and i fucking miss him.


nothing i can say, lunar eclipse of the heart

remember beegee the chick office mate who once said he's falling out of love with his boyfriend of 2 years, pao?

they broke up.

every now and then she'd come to me and wear this wide happy smile. she seem really happy. and she's also, btw, smitten with this other guy from a different department, jerro. a cute boy type. guitar player. very clean. very daring fashion sense.

they are kinda dating. or seeing each other.

(distinction, according to the kampai boys : seeing each other means KKB, dating means the guy pays for everything, the bill, the movies, motel, whatever)

in my head, i have this wierd urge to steal jerro from her ask her if she misses the ex. but logic and common decency allows me not to. all i know is she's happy. and i am definitely happy that she finally is.

is jerro the one?

who the fuck knows? and why do we care? and why do we even ask? not everything leads to marriage. i dont think people actually goes into a relationship looking for the one. young people who do that are immature. (methinks) and sad.

she knows what she's getting into. isnt that the point?

i'm just gonna have to be there if things fuck up.

you go beegee. love love. live life.


i was kinda rooting for pao, the ex. he's this quiet frat boy, tatoos all over. he used to sport a dreadlock. very strong presence. smiles too much for a reggae/rocker/fratboy. but he's cool. and it feels like he loves her so much. theyve been together for so long. but as the song goes. ...everything good need replacing...

jerro, on the other fist, is this sweet, overall nice guy. also into music. a tamer, cleaner and cuter version of pao.

will they last? clincher


ive been hearing around the office that there's a mean eclipse tonight that'll last upto 6 am. this i've got to see. no wonder ive been horny all this time. there's some lunar phenomenon happening. and it's fucking screwing with my system.


was it ever true that the moon's gravitational pull is cause of lunacy? where did i hear it that people do crazy things on full moons because the moon also pulls the liquids in your brains. henceforth, the term lunacy.


everyone made a fuss about it. it's just the moon. with the earth's shadow. moonshadow. boring. it would have been interesting if the shadow was actually a dark bird-being devouring the moon for some couple of hours. then spitting it out after the locals have prayed and offered a sacrificial virgin. heck, they could offer me. hehehehehehe


while i was looking at the moon, it did make me feel... fucking horny strange. it made me want to drink. or sit down on the grass. stare up and smoke doobie. and while "shotgunning" an office mate, he'd move in real close that our noses touch, then the tips of our lips touch. then the gapes of our mouths would just lock. tongues swirling about. pushing each other away. while our arms keeps drawing each other close.


i blame the moon for all these.


On the Seventh day... God made beer

the kampai boys and i drank red horse. my treat.

kampai boys include arcy, bon, chino, ding, olesco and toinks. gboy was missing.

(i wonder why i get more drunk in malate than with them)

chino motherfucking bought a pitbull. 5 months pa lang and already that gigantic. pukinang inang aso yan. i'd give it 3 months. chino cant even take care of a plastic plant

ding came late. he wore pants that he rolled up to his shin. arcy had to comment : "dude, saang kapatagan ka naman nag araro?" he wore this cute tight shirt that hugged his torso really good. drool. i never drool on friends, but this ding guy we're not really close. so drool!!!

bicol boy olesco came late too. he had this scruffy look. mukha na siyang probinsyano. tsk. i better save this guy from Penshoppe hell. cutie cutie pa man din yun. he just graduated so he'll be staying in manila for good. whooopeeee!!! scanner access!!! plus acces to tons of old comics, gaiman shit, and anime stuffs.

bon came late. clean looking as usual. safe haircut. one sided. as always. conio type. in the middle of the inuman, he was telling me how THE mike arroyo comes over his place to talk to his dad. (dad's a cop) and how the first gentleman convinces copdad to scare FPJ camp. tsk tsk tsk. i smell trouble. and btw bon never lies. though he can get cocky at times.


chino brought out the guitar. and hell broke loose.

imagine 5 tipsy angry men. belting out One Sweet Day. with not a Mariah high note missing. tang ina!

imagine 5 buzzing mad men. taking turns in lines from Eheads' Magasin. i'm amazed everyone knows this song.

imagine 5 drunk men. singing Joe's No One Else Comes close. awwwwwww. i used to hate that song. mahal ko na siya. at si ding. hihihihihihihi

imagine a drunk kampao, singing Bob Marley's Waiting in Vain. oooooohhh..ooohh ohhh oohhh....oooohhhh...ohhhh... i dont wanna weeeheyt in vain for your laaaaahav!

imagine a 5 month old pitbull being set free and vandalising every plant along the way. and the table. and my shirt. and arcy's right arm. and ding's chair. one word comes to mind. kulit. ang kulit potah.

imagine a drunk kampao, after much convincing, to show the guys what bEd dance is all about.

and imagine these motherfuckers try and imitate.


it ended with us planning yet another tagaytay trip which will soon be forgotten. or was it a resort somewhere near. these guys.


chino told me he's seen an episode of QAF. didnt interest him.

arcy, olesco and i are still giving the "living together in a pad" idea a chance. i'm so making ipon for this. heheheheh i'd rather have them as roomies than my cow/brother

bon left early to trail off to taft and meet a fuck. Betchez before Niggaz huh?! tablado to.

ding was first casualty. he must have gotten tired from all that strumming. he also says that drinking beer actually makes him work out harder in the gym the day after. (he owns the gym btw) beer has carbs. whatever.

olesco shares my interest in Kevin Smith and comics. so malamang sha ang date ko sa Jersey Girl. (that didnt sound right)

to be updated later. burgers calling



311 is a band that i have always loved. imagine my surprise when i found out they've revived The Cure's Love Song.

puchang ina! i was brutally stirred. excited. hindi ko kinaya ang kilig.

as soon as i was headed for work, i kept wishing that one my office mates have this song stored somewhere in each their pc's.

and hey, whadayaknow?! meron!

in between calls, i'd start playing the song. when a call came in. i stop the song. start all over again once call is done. it was all i ever did think about that night.

i never finished the goddamn song. without interruptions.

as i logged off work, all i ever thought about was heading straight home. turning on my pc and listening to that song on repeat play. i was never this excited over one song.

by tomorrow. most probably sawa na ako. but it will always be one of my favorites.

whoever said hearing "i will always love you" in a song is sappy.


yeah me too, i found solis solace from kirsh. kampai friend!


doc's solace is a different one. i was sitting right there by his bedside. panting recalling how we became friends. and i was smoking. i always smoke after a good sex i always smoke when i'm doing nothing. and the whole time i was thankful to have that kind of friendship. kampai doc! ur the best kuya! (even his dad calls him kuya) "Ana, Tubeg" heheheheheehheh


seeing will_t again was like, "whoah. uy kalbong cute si piolo ba yun?" then he came closer, and i instantly recognized him. what a surprise. kahit ako kinilig. i can only imagine how garppp was feeling. he was brimming with excitement. it's almost contagious.


you ever get that feeling that you want to write. and you dont want to write. or you just cant write. because you dont know what to write.


i cant make a decent post out of what happened friday night.

so i wont.


are all taxi drivers natural smooth talkers?! i seriously believe that to be taxi driver, one must possess, remarkable driving skills, kaalaman sa pasikot sikot, sirang radio at smooth talker-ship. as i sat there by the driver's side, i got so disturbed by the scent and spoketh "boss ikaw ba yung mabaho?" "boss, pwede palaksan ng aircon?"


May na! maybe i'll post an April farewell post. me and my promises. ha!

naaaaaah.. tapos na yun. it's better left forgotten.


browsing through odder's blogs. i realized how great writers they were. makes me proud to be an odder. i am in the company of greatness.


i'm thinking about taking up a sport. i'm thinking about turkish oil wrestling boxing. hmmmm... interesting.

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